The Wirebenders - An Orthodontic Laboratory Servicing the Dental Community for Over 30 Years

The Wirebenders produces
the finest orthodontic
appliances for:

» Retention
» Space maintenance and regaining
» Arch development and stabilization
» Translational and rotational tooth movement
» Crystal clear night guards
» Invisible retainers
» Customizable acrylic colors and design


The Wirebenders are an EasyRx
Connected Lab

Superior fit, finish and on time performance
are the cornerstones of continued success
for The Wirebenders.

The following contains a small sample of the products and services offered by
The Wirebenders. For a complete listing or to schedule a pick up, call:
The Wirebenders at (408) 265-5576.

Products and Services:

» Hawley retainers with a myriad of
   clasping options.
» Wraparound retainer
» Wraparound soldered to Adam s clasps
» Invisible retainer

Space Maintenance
» Lingual arch (your bands)
» Band and loop (your bands)

Arch Development
» Schwarz appliance
» Haas appliance
» Sagittal appliance (3-way)
» Rapid Palatal Expander

Arch Stabilization
» Nance holding arch (your bands)
» Crystal clear night guard

Models and Acrylics
» Study model fabrication
» Custom acrylics


We go the extra distance by offering free local pick up and delivery service, as
well as experienced technical client support. We also provide shipping options.

Servicing the Dental Community for Over 30 Years,
Producing the finest in Orthodontic Appliances.

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